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Upfit Construction: To Draw The Attention Of Competitive Tenants Seeking Space

Due to the increasing demand for commercial building rentals, there are not enough commercial spaces available to accommodate all potential tenants in certain cities. One way to get those ideal tenants is by having an upfit to deliver a ready-to-move office space as opposed to handing over just an empty shell. This blog post by The Twin Brother Corporation will talk more about Upfit construction.

Upfitting is the process of renovating an empty office space to make it ready for tenant use. Upfitting construction for office space is a way to draw the attention of competitive tenants seeking out these types of spaces, making landlords more inclined to offer leases long-term at better rates than they might otherwise be able to offer.

The cost of upfitting an office can range depending on the type and extent of work needed. However, it’s typically less expensive than building out a new space from scratch, and it can be completed much more quickly. In most cases, the construction process will take around four to six weeks, significantly shorter than the time it would take to build out a new space.

If you’re looking for office space, be sure to ask your landlord about the possibility of upfitting. It is an excellent way to get the features and layout you want without having to compromise on quality or spending a lot of money.

What Draws The Attention Of Tenants?

  • Tenants want to get the best possible value for their money when renting a commercial space. The cheapest rent isn’t always the best because tenants have to consider factors like location, features of the building, and other amenities that make up for the difference in price between two different spaces.
  • There are several ways a landlord can go about updating an empty unit before renting it out again. Still, there are two particular methods that often provide a good bang for your buck while also drawing attention from tenants. These two methods include shell or bare-bones construction, where the landlord only installs the necessary walls, ceiling, flooring/tile, etc., to the unit, and what is known as upfit construction.
  • Upfit construction is beneficial for both landlord and tenant because it guarantees that they will be getting exactly what they want with virtually no issues. It helps landlords rent their units faster because tenants know they can design the space to fit their needs exactly, but it also allows tenants to save money by streamlining the rental process itself.
  • Tenants will be able to move into new office space within mere weeks of signing a lease, rather than having to wait months until the landlord finishes building out the entire interior of

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