Commercial Upfits

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An upfit is the alteration of an existing location or a new commercial facility to suit a renter or improve the chances of leasing. When a commercial tenant vacates a property, the premises are generally reverted to a shell. The next tenant might then personalize the interior by making additions as needed. Putting in walls with a bespoke design, flooring, lighting, and office styles are all part of an upfit.

When you’re looking to transform your commercial building, there is no better team than The TwinBrother Corporation. Whether it’s recreating different areas to match your brand or ensuring it meets safety codes, our general contractor will ensure all bases are covered for projects of all sizes and scopes!

The TwinBrother Corporation can be your one-stop shop for all commercial upfits and new constructions, with over 45 years of expertise and hundreds of business projects under our belt. We provide essential services, such as architectural plans, civil engineering, plumbing, and much more!

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