About Us

The TwinBrother Corporation is a family-owned construction company founded in Ashville, NC, by brothers Ron and Don Davis in 2004.

We are one of Asheville’s most experienced home builders having over 45 years of construction industry experience. We are committed to providing carefully constructed commercial buildings and homes for families in the growing city of Ashville and across North Carolina.

We have a reputation for quality and attention to detail. Our professional team shares our values of professionalism, communication skills, and craftsmanship. We provide a stress-free building experience with a no-pressure approach and a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand design process.

We specialize in constructing commercial buildings and homes that are custom-built. Our affordable prices come with no hidden costs or fees. We offer lifestyle-friendly design, quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, integrity, affordable pricing, and commitment to excellence with superior customer service.

Start your new beginning with us today! Schedule an appointment and let’s get to work on your new construction project.